How Motivation Affects Learning and Behavior

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#chaties is TONIGHT!

Our topic is motivation and how it affects learning and behavior.

What IS #Chaties?

#Chaties is a school-wide Twitter chat that will takes place every Wednesday during the school year. We get together in the cyber-world to discuss professional development issues at our school.


iTunesU will be our topic tonight! Even if you don't know how to tweet, you can read the conversations, or just lurk:

  • go to
  • Search for #chaties
  • Click on the "all tweets" button at the top. *IMPORTANT*
  • Learn something new just by reading!

Every Wednesday from 7:30 pm- 8:30 pm.

You can join the chat from anywhere. Some people prefer their couch, all snuggled up in their footie pajamas. But you don't have to be at home! Any mobile device can tweet. Get yourself a snack, your favorite beverage, and come join us!


  • November trade day credit hours (you need 12 if you're a teacher, 6 if a para)
  • jeans pass for each chat you attend
  • don't have to get gussied up
  • get to know people from other grade levels/departments


  • I don't have a Twitter account. How do I get one? Go to Twitter and fill out the "new to Twitter" section. Make sure you pick a professional username.
  • I don't know how/why/when to Tweet or chat. What should I do? Go visit with Mrs. Bennett or Mrs. McAlister after school - any day of the week! (just shoot us an email to let us know you are coming)
How to join a Twitter chat