Fermi Project

How many cupcakes would it take to get from Canada's east coast to it's west coast?

Take a Wild Guess

10 000. The distance from one of coast to another is quite long, while the width of a cupcake is pretty small.

Creating Questions

What is the width of the average cupcake? 6.5 cm

What is an average cupcake? A medium sized cupcake that you usually see

Will the average cupcake size differ? Usually yes, but they should relatively be of the same size.

How far is it from one of Canada's coast to the other coast? 9,306 km

Ratios and Formulas

Width of Average Cupcake = ?

Canada Distance Coast to Coast = ?

The Distance Coast to Coast in cm = ?

Distance Coast to Coast in cm

Width of Average Cupcake = # Of Cupcakes Needed

Gathering Data

Diameter of Average Cupcake = 7.62 cm

Canada Distance Coast to Coast = 5,514 km

The Distance Coast to Coast in cm = 5,514 x 100,000 = 551,400,000 cm

551,400,000 cm = 72,362,204.7244 Cupcakes Needed

7.62 cm

72,362,204.7244 -> ~72,362,204 Cupcakes

Other Given Distances Coast to Coast - 9,306 km, 7,250 km.


It would take about 72,362,204 Cupcakes to get from Canada's East Coast to West Coast.

Possible Errors

May have different Diameters of the Average Cupcakes

Measurement Coast to Coast may not be exactly precise

Cupcakes side by side have gaps between each other

Interesting Facts

There are 3 Usual Sizes for Cupcakes: Mini, Standard, and Jumbo

An Average Cupcake contains about 67 g of Carbohydrates

The border between Canada and the United States is 9,306 cm long

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