Summary of the Maze Runner.

The summary of the Maze Runner is about a teenage boy who wakes up in an unfamiliar area with other teenage boys who can't remember anything besides their name. This happened for two years. Doing this story the teenagers have to overcome survival and to find their way out of a maze. These teenagers will also learn how to trust one another in order to work together and thrive throughout the maze; and must also try to defeat the grievers that stalk them from the maze. In the story the gladers (people in the maze) will learn what had happen in the outside world and would then slowly figure out the dark secrets of why they was really here in the maze in the first place. Every time something seems good for the gladers something bad happens like if one of them is working with the people who made the maze , but the gladers would over come these bad events and not fight one another but would continue your task to escape the maze.

At the end of the book the gladers figured out the secret way of how to escape the glade and they had to used teamwork to get through the maze to take down the grievers. Once they got out of the maze what they figured out about one another and who, and what they will become, and must do was shocking. The gladers figured out that they was science tests to save the planet from a deadly disease called the Flare. And that in their DNA could be the mediceto stop the Flare and they would save the world. At the time the world was flooded over with weather hazards. Also the Flare killed millions of people instantly because when the Flare hit the planet the planet got real hot from the sun which caused people to become crazy and would soon die from the heat of the Flare.

Where is the setting of the maze runner and why it is important

The setting of the maze runner is in a meadow about the size of several football fields surrounded by gigantic walls in the middle of no where. Out side of the gigantic walls is a very large maze that is several miles long that are guarded by grievers. Grievers are part animal and part robot that have deadly spikes on them that pop in and out. They also have one long hand with a long claw on it. And the walls of the maze moves every night.

The setting of the maze runner is important because since Thomas and everyone else is trapped in a giant maze they think that their have to be a way out since every maze usually have an exit. This proves that the setting is important in the Maze Runner because if the setting wasn't a maze then the people wouldn't figure out a life lesson, and they wouldn't had figure out what life was life outside of the maze from the maze because their would be no maze. Also the setting is important because if the maze was just a regular city then no one would think that they our important and that the whole world depended on them to get out of the maze to stop a deadly disease this of course wouldn't happen if their wasn't no maze.

The setting of the story is important.

Who is the author of the Maze Runner?

The author of the Maze runner is James Dasher. Some other books that James Dasher made are A Mutiny In Time, The Scorch Trials, The Death Cure, and The Kill Order.

Who are some of the protagonist of the Maze Runner?

Thomas, Newt, Abby are all protagonist in the Maze Runner.

Thomas is brave.

I know that Thomas is caring because in the story of the Maze Runner Thomas jumps on-purpose on a griever. At this time the walls that closed at night stopped working which meant that grievers would come and kill one person each night. So Thomas had a plan to help try to stop the killing. and Thomas jumped on a back of a griever. This proves that Thomas is caring because he would rather safe others then himself. Another way how Thomas is brave is in the story of the Maze Runner Thomas talks to Chuck. And Chuck desperately asks Thomas to help him get out of the maze and help him find his family. Thomas listens to Chuck and promise him that he will bring Chuck home to his family. This proves that Thomas is caring because he tries hard to help Chuck get out to find his family rather than his. Finally Thomas is caring because in the story while Newt and Minho our in the maze the walls starts to close on them. When the walls was almost closed Thomas sprints into the maze to save Newt and Minho. This proves that Thomas is caring because no one had every survived a night in the maze which means that Thomas would rather sacrifice his self to save others.

Abby is brave.

Abby is brave in the Maze Runner. I know that Abby is brave in the Maze Runner because in the story Abby joins Thomas and 20 others to fight off against the grievers, but only one person could die and then the grievers wouldn't fight no more. So when they got there Abby sacrifice himself and jumped on a griever to save the others. That proves that Abby is brave because he isn't afraid of death because he charged right at it instead of cowarding out. This also proves that Abby is brave because if he wasn't brave then he wouldn't join Thomas to fight off against the grievers, but since he did he wasn't scared of them and would rather fight then to sit back and not try anything at all. Another way how Abby is brave is because when the walls stopped closing out the grievers Abby agreed to protect the maps which might help the gladers excape the maze. This is prove that Abby is brave because Abby is going have to fight off the grievers all by himself to help let others live and not him. From this Abby is brave.

Newt is Newt is caring.

I know that Newt is caring because in the story Newt saves Thomas from Ben (part griever part human) in the forest. This proves that Newt is caring because Newt cares for Thomas because if he didn't then he wouldn't had saved him if he didn't cared for him. Another way how Newt is caring is before Thomas went in the maze to save Abby Newt screamed and begged Thomas to not to go in because no one had ever survived a night in the maze. So Abby thought that Thomas was going to die and he wanted to save him to prevent death to Thomas at any way he could at the time. This proves that Newt is caring because if he wasn't then he wouldn't had cared if Thomas would had went in the maze and die, but since Newt is caring he didn't want Thomas to go in the maze because he thought he was going to die. Finally how Newt is brave is that when Abby started to strangle himself Newt jumped on top of him and pried his hands off of his neck with his hands. This proves that Newt is caring because Newt didn't want Abby to die because he cared for him. Another reason how this proves that Newt is caring is because if Newt wasn't caring then he wouldn't had tried to save Abby and would of had gave up, but he didn't because Newt is caring.


The summary of the Maze Runner is about a maze made in the middle of no where. In the middle of the maze is a giant grass area where people lived at, just the people didn't remembered anything about their life or why they was here and how they got here. The only thing the people remember is their name. During this time a 17 year old boy named Thomas got to this place in the box (is an elevator that sends people to the maze.) and was founded by 35 people; their leader was a man named Newt who took Thomas a detour of the place. Newt also tells Thomas that the maze is guarded by grievers which our robotic machines with long arms with needles on them to attack the grievers, and that they was here for two years trying to discover the maze, but didn't found nothing they even drew maps of the maze every day.

In the mean-time the box sends up a girl to the maze which is the only girl in the whole maze. When the girl woke up she and Thomas, and Chuck became best friends. After wards Thomas thought of a plan to get out of the maze so he ask Newt his plan which is to put candle wax on the sketches of the maze because the maze might be a code that could lead them out of the maze. Newt agreed and what they found from the maps was a code that read FLOAT, CATCH, BLEED, DEATH, STIFF, PUSH.

After words Teresa (the girl) and Thomas got together and had an idea to escape the maze. That is when the walls that usually closed at night stopped working and the grievers came and started killing each person each night, and even the sky turned completely gray like their was no sun. One night Thomas bravely ran to a griever and jumped on the back of it! Thomas did this because he knew people who was stun by a griever who saw things in the outside of the maze of the people and what happened. When Thomas woke up from his comma Thomas told Newt what they had to do. Thomas told Newt that the maze was made to stop a deadly cure called the Flare that killed thousand of people, and that the world is filled with storms and tornado's. Thomas also told Newt that something bad happened in the world so that the creators are trying to make us do what ever we have to do fast and quick because the creators put us in the maze to test us to see who are the best survivors and who aren't. And Thomas says that they are doing this because when we get out of the maze they are going to use the people that survived to stop the Flare. After this Thomas tells Newt that in order to escape the maze they have to go through the griever hole which is located at then end of a cliff. Finally Thomas explains the good news that maybe since the grievers are just killing one person each day that maybe only one person have to die no one else will get hurt. With this Thomas, and Teresa helped build the maze with the creators, and will also type in the code to kill the maze. After a long argument Newt came out of the meeting place and told Thomas that most of them had agreed to go. From this Thomas and Newt gathered as many people as possible to join them in all they had around 30 people with homemade weapons all ready to fight. Butt when they got there they was surrounded by grievers apparently they was ready to fight as well. Quickly Abby sacrificed his life and ran towards a griever and jumped on it!

Abby was another leader in the maze who told everyone that outside of the maze is worst than in here, he know this because he was also stun by a griever. But Abby sacrifice didn't stopped the grievers from attacking the gladers. Thomas, Teresa, and Chuck both ran towards the griever hole without looking back from the hideous sounds and screams of friends dying and grievers screeching. The gladers made a path towards the griever hole and also blocked the grievers from getting them. When Thomas, Teresa, and Chuck got to the cliff they had to jump in a certain spot for them to go in the grievers hole. Thomas went last because he didn't want anyone to get Chuck. When Thomas finally jumped in the room was very dark and only had one thing in it a computer to type to code! Teresa sprinted towards the computer ready to type the code in. But a griever suddenly jumped into the griever's hole and attacked Thomas. Thomas grabbed his wooden spare and struck at the grievers arms so it couldn't fight back. Some how Thomas got on top of the griever and dove the spare into it's head into the griever stopped moving! Chuck stood in amazement as Thomas took down the griever so easily. That is when Teresa screamed "The computer isn't making me type the last word in, the screen just went blank!" A rush of emotions came over Thomas who froze as Terse angry typed PUSH. Then 3 grievers jumped into the hole! Thomas was ready to fight for his life and die fighting, but Chuck said "How about you push that button." Thomas looked where Chuck had pointed at and it was a button that read "KILL MAZE" Teresa shot her finger at the button, and the grievers shut down imminently!

Thomas embrace hugs to Chuck and said "You saved us you saved us!" That is when Newt, Minho, and a few others gladers. Then a door opened. In all sixteen people lived including Thomas. Thomas and the others jumped down the a giant hole when they went through the door. It seemed forever before they finally slid to the ground where they was stared at by men in white coats behind layers of glass taking notes of Thomas and the others. Then a girl walked gently towards them and said "Impressive I thought their would be less of you who would make it, but impressive!" Newt questioned her and said "Get us out of here." The girl felt insulted and added "You do not know your place in here do you? You will one day thank us." That is when Gally walked right next to her! Gally Newt yelled I thought you was dead? Gally twitched and winced, but finally said "They can control me." Thomas stood their in disbelief with what he was seeing. Aggressively Gally grabbed out a knife and throw it at Thomas! Thomas tried to move, but just stood their waiting for his death. Suddenly Chuck jumped In front of Thomas! The knife darted into Chuck's stomach and died! Thomas tried to help Chuck but it was useless. Thomas left Chuck and tackled Gally, and then threw waves of punches into Gally face. Newt and Minho grabbed Thomas who started to cry and put him away from Gally. "I promise Chuck I take him to his family!" Thomas yelled, "I promised!" That is when soldiers came running in the room with heavy guns and started to fire at the ancientest. Bullets flew everywhere into their leader came up to them and took them outside leaving Chuck behind.

They ended up in a bus and drove drove away.

What is the theme of the maze runner

The theme of the Maze Runner is never give up. I know that this is the theme of the Maze Runner because in the story the main character (Thomas) faces a lot of conflicts in while trying to get out of the maze. Ex: While Thomas is in the woods (Dead heads) he is attacked by something part human and part griever (a machine that have deadly spikes around it body and arms with needles on them to kill) almost kills Thomas, but he is saved by Thomas's friend Newt. And I also know that the theme is never give up because if Thomas and everyone else would of just gave up than they wouldn't had escape and then their would be no exposition in the story.

This theme fits this book because if anyone in the Maze Runner would of gave up then they would of had accomplished nothing like if Thomas would of had not tried to save Newt and Minho, or if Chuck would of had gave up when the code to destroy the maze didn't worked, but no Chuck didn't gave up and Chuck found a button to destroy the maze and pushed it. This is how the theme fits the book.

From who eyes are the story told from and why is it important

The story is told from Thomas's eyes. I know this because the story describes Thomas's thoughts about how he feels about what situation he is in, and the story also describes Thomas's actions like how he fought a griever to save Chuck ( Thomas's friend.) And finally I know that the story is told from Thomas's eyes because the story show's Thomas reactions and the story doesn't show or explain all of this to any other character, but Thomas. All in all the story is told from Thomas point of view.

This is important because if the story wasn't told from Thomas eyes then we wouldn't figure out how he feels about other people and how he feels what idea's are good and bad to try to get out of the maze. Also since the story is told from Thomas's eyes is important because must of the action usually happens to Thomas or is related to Thomas. Another reason why the point of view is important is because the whole reason why the people are in the maze in the first place is because of him, like how he helped the creators to make the maze. From this the point of view of the story is important.


The genre of the Maze Runner is science fiction. I know that the Maze Runner is science fiction because the detention of science fiction is things that is sciencetifcly possible to happen in the future. From this the Maze Runner could be possible to happen in the future. Like the deadly diease of the Flare, and so on.

Antagonist of the Maze Runner

Gally is an antagonist in the Maze Runner.

Gally is violent.

I know that Gally is violent because in the Maze Runner Gally threatens to kill Thomas multiple times in the story like when he said that he is evil and started the maze. From this Gally threatened to kill Thomas if no one else will. Another way how Gally is violent is when Gally throw a knife at Thomas because he wanted to kill him, but Chuck jumped in front of it and the knife killed Chuck instead of Thomas. This proves that Chuck is violent because he was eager to kill and hated Thomas was anger so much that he had to kill him to make him feel safe. And if Gally wasn't violent then he wouldn't kill no one, but since he is violent Gally did killed someone Chuck when he realized try to kill Thomas. Finally how Gally is violent is Gally and Minho got into a fight when the leaders was having a meeting about should Thomas stay at the glade or leave it. From this Gally and Minho both didn't agreed and Gally thought that Thomas should leave for his actions, but Minho thought otherwise. So Gally started to yell at Minho that he is only doing this because he is Thomas friend, and then Gally tackled Minho. This proves that Gally is violent because if he wasn't then he wouldn't fight Gally, but would find a way to agree on their terms without causing a conflict which they did. But since Gally is violent then he attacked Thomas instead of making an agreement of some kind. Gally is viloent

Maze Runner conflicts

One conflict that happened in the story is when Thomas was attacked by Ben while Thomas was in the forest by a cemetery. Then Newt came by and saved Thomas from Ben when he shot him in the head with an arrow. This conflict is an external conflict because a external conflict is a struggle between an outside force such as nature or another character. Another conflict in the story is when Thomas sees Minho and Abby outside of the maze when the walls are closing in on them! Then Thomas hears Newt screaming to Thomas too not to go in the maze. Thomas couldn't choose which side he should choose inside or out inside or out. This is a internal conflict. I know this is a internal conflict because a internal conflict because the definition of an internal conflict is a conflict that happens in a character mind. This proves that this is a internal because Thomas is having a conflict between himself. Another conflict that is an external conflict is when Thomas was attacked and killed a griever in a griever hole while Teresa was putting the code in for the maze. This is a external conflict because Thomas is having a struggle between another character which causes conflict and action in the story. Another conflict in the story is when Thomas, Chuck, Teresa, and Minho survived the maze and when they went into an science lab of some kind Gally throw a knife at Thomas. Chuck had a choice to ether sacrifice himself to save Thomas or to watch him die. Chuck couldn't decide into the very last moment and choose good or bad and saved Thomas. This is internal conflict because Chuck had a struggle between his mind and a choice to save Thomas or not to. From this, this in an internal conflict.

When was the Maze Runner published

The Maze Runner was published in Oct 06, 2009.