Leonor's Career

Personality Component

Career Choices

  • What do Paramedics do?
what they do is they assess injuries, administrated emergency care, and extricate trapped individuals. Transport sick or injured people to medical facilities.

  • Educational Requirements
Certificate after high school or some college

  • Salary
The salary can range up to $31,700 per year on average

  • Job Growth
Projected 10 year growth- 23%


I would live in a one bedroom apartment with electricity together it would be $903. Phone is $47 and food is $450. For $100 I will buy work clothes because in paramedics you need to wear a uniform. Health insurance costs me $73. I will have a home bundle of $24 which let's me buy or rent movies or games. For $174.39 I would save 7% of income. For student loans I chose an Associates Degree in Public College/University in total is $92.

  • Monthly Expenses- $2,506
  • Annual Expenses- $30,077
  • Taxes (15% of Annual Expenses)- $4,512
  • Annual Salary Needed- $34,589


The school I chose was Alvin Community College which is located in Alvin, Texas. To be a Paramedic you will need 2 years of training or for a certificate you can do intermediate for 18 credit hours or Paramedic certificate for 40 credit hours. Cost of tuition would be $1,006. I will live off campus in a small apartment in Alvin which will cost me $594 and food will cost me $450.