All about me

Maryan JIr

Growing up

My name is Maryan jir and I was born in Somalia at july 7,2002. When I was 5 yrs old my family moved to Arizona because of what happened in Somalia. Now I am 12 yrs old and now I live my live at my new home an house in Arizona.

My Family

I have 2 sisters and I have 6 brothers and a mom and dad. So I have 10 people in my family and including me that makes 11 people in my family.


I have a house and some friends in my neighborhood.In my neighborhood the k.f.c store is right near my house so that my family can go there instead of driving or walking to the store sometimes.
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I go to a school called losninos. I am in 6th grade. I have a lot of friends at losninos. At losninos I have 3 class periods witch is Science ,Grammar and Math. Also school is boring to me. At least all the 6th grader get brand new big laptops witch made the teachers and all the other adults that work at losninos jelly.
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In my childhood I used to know nothing about anything but when I heat people talking I used to copy every thing they and say everything they said. But I learned more and then got interested in school and and like it allot.But now I hate school and now I'm interested in music and drawing and nothing that involves math and science. In my childhood I used to have bad grade at my old school and I used to be interested in candy and every time used to eat candy I get a sugar rush.But now my grades are good and I act more mature like an adult sort of.