Elementary School Teacher

Jordyn Manning

Job Description

Usual Schedule

7:15- Arrive at school and review lesson plans

7:30- Early meeting (full faculty, upper elementary, student council, parent conference..etc.) and any last minute preparations

8:15- Take attendance; do lunch count; take attendance; make announcements

8:25- Teach English Lesson

9:00- Library, computers, art, or PE depending on the day

9:25- Teach Social Studies Lesson

10:10- 20-minute snack for kids; use time to grade papers, prepare for next lesson, individual help, or reviewing daily tasks with teacher's assistant

10:30- Review math facts with a timed drill

11:15- Spelling

11:40- Lunch/recess

12:30- Story-time

1:15- Teach Reading Lesson

1:40- Teach Science Lesson

2:20- Choir

2:35- Quick game, if time permits

2:40- Go out to help with pick-up

3:00- After-school daycare begins

4:00- Parent conference (if needed), grade papers, or prepare for next day

6:00- Go home, bring any unfinished work

Working Conditions

An elementary school teacher's working conditions involve

  • Being on their feet
  • At a desk
  • With people
  • Regular Hours

Training/ Education Requirments

  • Bachelors
  • Student teaching internship
  • 4 years of school
  • License/ certification (if planning on teaching in a public school)

Personal Characteristics

What are qualities a good teacher has?

  • Creative
  • Inspiring
  • Helpful
  • Enthusiastic
  • Effective
  • Confident
  • Qualified
  • Fun
  • Smart
  • etc.

Earnings & Job Outlook

  • Average Salary- $53,590
  • Vacations- Summer Break, Fall Break, Winter break, and Spring break
  • Training- Usually an Internship
  • How hard is it to find work?- Used to be harder to find opening's, but recently more jobs have been added
  • Are you restricted to "big city" vs "small city?"- Not really since there are schools everywhere
  • Is there advancement?- Yes

Colleges with a Great Program for this Job-

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