The Gadget

By Paul Zindel


The Gadget is about a thirteen-year old child named Stephan Orr. He lived in London until 1945. His father, a scientist at Los Alamos, requested that he live with him. But life at Los Alamos is not easy. Soon after he arrived, there was an accident in the lab. The scientists are working on something dangerous, and Stephen is worried that his dad might get hurt. He and his friend, Alexei, try to finger out what the scientists are working on.


I'm not sure what the theme of my book is, but if I had to guess, I think it's that sometimes curiosity is dangerous. Stephan does something rash during a school field trip Additionally, when Stephen finds out what the Gadget, he gets in lots of trouble.

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Actual Event: Trinity

Trinity was the atomic bomb tested in New Mexico. It was the first atomic bomb to have been used. The blast took place on July 16, 1945. It was as bright as the midday sun according to some. It was the beginning of the Atomic Age.

Relationship to the Book

Trinity is related to The Gadget because in the Gadget, Stephan and Alexei sneak away to see what the Gadget is. This was during Trinity. The boys realized to late that it was a bomb, and they tried to get to a creek,but only Alexei makes it. The MP (Military Police) rushed over and took the boys away (after the explosion.) It doesn't say where Alexei went, but Stephen was hospitalized. Read

Facts and Citation

The facts from this book are accurate in the non-fiction parts. Most of it is true fiction, though.

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