Ramp Ratas

O'Donnell, Llam


In the being Bounce was skating in the skate park and Crunch kick him out. Marcus, Bounce's stepbrother came for summer brake. Bounce told Crunch if he or Marcus or Peam, Bounce friend, won him at the lake jam than baounce could stake there but if they lost than Bounce couldnt skate there no more. They practie a lot and got in troble whille doing it.

It's a really good boook!


Crunch doesn't let bounce state at the skatepark.


Bounce is the main character is likes to stake.

Marcus is Bounce's stepbrother he also likes to skate.

Pema is Bounce's friend she also likes to skate.

Nema is Pema's sister.

Crunch is Pema's friend but he is a bully and he likes to skate too.

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