~Hot Mess Advice Column~

by Michaela Murphy

Self Conscious Love Struck

Dear Gabby,

I have read your column for years, but i have never thought that i would be writing to you. Ive tried going to meetings of "Women who love too much" but i am still hurting, so i thought maybe you could help me. My problem is that the guy I love doesnt want to be in the same room with me. It is as if he would rather be hanged then be with me. I absolutely cannot bare to see him in the arms of another. I feel like i am just maybe too attached. How do I get out of my love struck mind? I want to be like my bestfriend, Hermia! Shes beautiful, smart, witty. Why cant i be beautiful? Gabby help me! im a hot mess!

- sincerely, love struck dancer

~Hot Mess Feed Back~

Enough is Enough

Dear love struck dancer,

I first want you to know that i am here for you. I know this is tough but you will get through this. I understand that you have been to multiple places that state they can "help you" but have not been beneficial. But trust me, I can and I will help you. And no offense you are a "hot mess".

Now I understand that you have had some trouble with not knowing when enough is enough. You have to move on! The one that you want may not always be the one that wants you. If you truly love this guy, you would want him to be happy right? But sadly he is not happy with you. I know this is tough to hear but its the truth. And personally, it sounds to me like Demetrius is not that great of a guy. I know you can do way better.

Another thing I remember is that you seem to be a little jealous with this Hermia character. You state that she is beautiful, nice, and witty. Well stop! You need to be more confident with yourself. Being hard and thinking your not good enough will get you no where in life! Hold your head up high, sister! Everyone is beautiful but in there own way! You cant keep putting yourself down and thinking that's ok because its not! Just remember that you are important too.

Now, I hear you need help to get him out of your head. That`s simple. Get out more. go do stuff with your friends, go shopping, meet another guy, just simply do anything that doesn't have to do with Demetrius. Relax and just enjoy things instead of worrying if he is with somebody else. Just remember that he is not the most important thing in your life. If you don't want him in your head, well then don't put him there!

I hope my advice will help and that you will become stronger. I wish you best of luck and I truly believe that you don't need Demetrius. You can get better and I know you will.

~Sincerely, Gabby <3