Theatre and Speech

Ms. Julia Rucker

Tech it up!

Let us journey through the world of theatre and professional communication while utilizing technology!

QR in the Classroom

When considering ways to utilize technology in my class, I factored in accessibility and purpose. QR code seemed like a logical first step!

When I presented my QR code on the first day of class, every student wanted the chance to "try" as if it was a game. I linked my QR to my school fusion page for easy access to class information. It was simple, but because it exposed students to a helpful class resource, very worthwhile!

What a kaHOOT!

When deciding how to assess prior knowledge of my Theatre II class, I knew I wanted something different than a paper quiz! Kahoot is a uniquely fun and competitive way to get students involved. Fortunately, I found a premade quiz over Parts of the Stage - our topic, so minimal preparation was required!

Overall, it was a very successful venture into classroom tech. The only problem we ran into was internet connection kicking kids out every once in a while. This problem was not great enough to deter me from utilizing Kahoot in the future.

I want to use it more in my lessons to take polls and review. All of my classes were extremely excited and engaged the entire time.