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CED- Compulsive Exercise Disorder

Did You Know...?

According to a 1992 American College of Sports Medicine study, exercise disorders affect 62 percent of female athletes.

Source- Mirasol

What is CED? How can it affect you?

CED- over exercising to the point where it becomes very dangerous.

  • Stress fractures and muscle sprains
  • Compulsive exercisers often find no satisfaction in their athletic achievements
  • Compulsively exercise alone to avoid attracting the attention of others, including trainers and gym staff
  • Exercise addicts will find time at any cost — including cutting school, taking off from work or hiding in the bathroom — to exercise.
  • Distorted body image or low self of steam

Your Not Alone!

Mirasol is a great facility that can help anyone with compulsive exercise and many more things.

Its not just you...

Brittany Snow, an actress known for her role as "Chloe" in the hit movie "Pitch Perfect", was diagnosed with CED. She would exercise as much as three hours per day, and eventually only weighed eighty-five pounds and went into depression. She now focuses on healthy eating instead of staying so thin.

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