All BC ChatterHigh Competition

Post-sec & Career Exploration! Sponsored by Okanagan College

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Explore postsecondary paths and career options. Raise funds for your school while you do it!

Studies on career education from researchers such as Dr. Norman Amundsen (UBC) and Gray Poehnell demonstrate the incredible value of believing that a goal is possible and a pathway exists. ChatterHigh helps students explore post-sec and career options, making this information accessible and fun to learn about! ChatterHigh compliments activities done with software such as Career Cruising.

The core activity is a 10 question daily informative quiz, with questions that aligns with Career Ed courses (e.g. Planning 10 in BC.) Questions are written by the institutions (e.g. BCIT, Okanagan College, UFV, TWU), or Provincial organizations (e.g. ITA, LinkBC, or WorkSafeBC.) Teacher reporting tools have made it easy for many schools in BC to include a ChatterHigh activity into their Planning 10 classes.

Teachers, click here to see how to create a 'class' and run a report.

There is no cost for schools to use ChatterHigh. Participants must sign up using an email address, which is the key in our database. Nobody gets those email addresses and all data is stored in Canada.

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Okanagan College Postsecondary & Career Exploration ChatterHigh Competition

Monday, April 13th, 12am to Saturday, May 23rd, 12am

This is an online event.

Questions in the daily quiz support Planning 10 PLOs A1-6, B2, 3, 5, C1, 7-9 & D2 by getting students, parents and teachers to explore postsecondary, career, health, finance & Grad Trans info. It can be done in a computer lab, at home or on any phone/device.

This fun activity includes a point & reward system, badges and philanthropy. A moderated Discussion Forum lets participants ask questions to the institutions and even chat with each other in a positive, supportive community.

How the Competition Works

Students, Parents, Teachers, Alumni or Friends of a BC high school, you can help raise funds for your school of choice and learn about the options out there!! Grad committees, student leadership or philanthropy clubs can use this activity to raise funds for their initiatives. It is not just the Planning 10 students who can take part!

There are two ways to raise funds.

1. Top schools in the Leaderboards (see example below) will earn grand prize cash awards kindly donated by Okanagan College! These prizes are shown in green font on the Leaderboard.

2. All schools raise funds based on the amount of participation that happens during the 6 week event. This amount is shown in blue font on the Leaderboard.

Schools are divided into 4A, 3A, AA and A categories based on school population. The Leaderboard takes points earned in the quizzes divided by the school student population to give an average point per student score, ranking the schools.

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