iPads for Teaching and Learning

iPads in the classroom

10 Ways to Use iPads in the Classroom

I like the suggestion of using the iPad for a virtual field trip. This could be helpful for me as an art instructor to give the students more of an outlet to explore an art museum exhibit that may be located too far away to take an actual field trip there. The site http://www.edudemic.com has even more suggestions for using iPads in the classroom.

iPad as an Interactive Whiteboard

The website teachingwithipad.org mentioned using the iPad as a white board. They used the free Evernote Skitch app. I could use this app in my art classroom to demonstrate quick sketches for a project and have my students make quick sketches on them for a project also.

iPad Rules for Young Children

Here is a list of rules for young children to follow and be aware of when using the iPad. I think this it is a good idea to have a list of rules for all age groups using the iPad. Students should be aware from the very beginning how to use the iPad properly and respect it as it is school property.

The Smart Way to Use iPads in the Classroom

After reading an article titled "The Smart Way to Use iPads in the Classroom", by Lisa Guernsey I gained a new perspective on how an iPad could be used. Lisa talked about a school in Zurich, Switzerland that she toured for three days. The teachers at this school had students use their iPads as more of a collection of each students progress. The students would take video, audio, etc. over activities they did in class. I wouldn't have thought about having students record a video of themselves answering a question from an assignment. This could be a helpful idea to get students more accustomed with public speaking in a way.

Why Use iPads for Learning?

The article "Why Use iPads for Learning?" names eleven benefits to using iPads for learning. I like how the iPad can be used to personalize learning to the best method for each individual. It is helpful that the iPad has so many apps for education and in all subjects!

Art and Drawing on an iPad

This website has several apps with a short description for art and drawing on an iPad. The apps range from what could work best for younger students to develop art skills, to apps for more fine art for older more advanced students.

10 Important Questions To Ask Before Using iPads in Class

An article by Terry Heick on MindShift proposes ten questions you should ask before using iPads in the classroom. Such as the goals you wish to achieve with the iPad, such as online textbooks. What learning problems could iPads be more of a help to correct and more. These are questions that should be thought about before you begin to use an iPad in the classroom.

iPad Artwork Inspired by Peter Reynold's "The Dot"

iPad Artwork Inspired by Peter Reynold's "The Dot"

In the above video the class read "The Dot", by Peter Reynold's. The class then used the iPad with the drawing pad app so that each student could create their own dots. Then the teacher put all of the students dots into a gallery online. I liked the idea of putting all of the students artwork into a gallery online. I feel that this would really get them excited knowing that students and people all over the would could see their artwork.

iPads in the Classroom

Art on an iPad

The above video titled "iPads in the Classroom" tells a little how art can be created on the iPad. This video is specifically talking with college students and professors. I think this could also be good to use in a high school art classroom. I think it could be a neat way for students to experiment and be less afraid because they could just hit the undo button. I also agree on the statement made in the video mentioning that iPads won't replace the traditional methods of creating art.

iPads in Art Class

iPads in Art Class

In the video above, the instructor and students are talking about the use of "iPads in Art Class". The thought of calling the iPad a different medium to use hadn't occurred to me before. It seemed to vary a lot from student to student on who enjoyed using the iPad for art. This would be a good activity for students to interact with art in a different way. Also, to help each other when using the different tools on the iPad.