Human Trafficking

A Worldwide Contraversy - Where Is the Law?

Background Information

What is Human Trafficking?

hu·man traf·fick·ing


noun: human trafficking

  1. the illegal movement of people, typically for the purposes of forced labor or commercial sexual exploitation.

    "she is a victim of human trafficking"

Our Hypothesis

With the issue of Human Trafficking already on the rise - without aggressive enforcement of laws and regulations, the problem will continue to increase.

Criteria for Assessment:
  • Countries involved
  • Government responses
  • What tier the country in on
  • Types of trafficking (Labor & Sex)
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Orphans without background checks, many times end up in the hands of sex traffickers - commonly seen in the United States. Unfortunately, these orphans that are adopted from international countries receive little to no proper treatment, in which they deserve to have when they are adopted.
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From 2001-2010, the graph shows the gradual incline of victims being forced into prostitution. Luckily, by 2011, we begin to see a slight decline in the victim rate; however, how much more can the world to end this issue for good?
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Labor exploitation occurs in work situations, both in the formal and informal labor market such as on farms and in factories.Both graphs represent the rate of children and adults that are forced to work in these environments. Two major Human Trafficking sites are Africa and Asia. Just between the year 2005 thru 2011 the incidents in Africa soared to about 95%. In Asia, just in the midst of three years (2001-2003), incidents rose to 80%.
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Top Tier Countries

What defines a top tier country?
In tier one; the countries comply with the minimum standards in regard to the human trafficking acts. Tier two countries do not fully comply with the minimum standards. Fortunately, these countries are making efforts to comply and address the issue. Sadly, the countries that are classified on Tier Three are not complying with the minimum standards and there are no attempts being made to rectify the problem (Turner 2014).

To Prove Our Thesis:

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It clearly shows that the crime of Human Trafficking, is indeed a trend that is rapidly growing throughout the world. Without proper rules, regulations and government interference, this issue will continue to spread at this aggressive pace.

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