The Boy who Saved Baseball

By: Kaitlyn Draper


The charecter I chose was Tom. One reason he is important to the story is beacause he is on the baseball team. Also because in the story you see the world in his view. The final reason is beacause at the end of the book Tom gets Doc's land and if we didn't know him that well we wouldn't understand why he got the land. Tom is unique beacause he changes a ton in the book. Another one of his charecteristics is that he is extreamaly shy. Somone I would connect Tom to would be little kids when they first meet you they are shy but in the end they find their vocie and stand up.

How Tom Changed

During the book Tom changed, one way Tom changed is that in the begining of the book he didn't like Maria but at the end of the book he had feelings for her. He also changed in his personality, at first he was really shy and not confident of himself ,but then he found his vocie and stood up for himself and what he believed. I think that Tom changed in a positive way. The reason I think this is because know Tom is a better person and is way more confident.

Theme: Practice makes Perfect

The Climax

In this book the climax of the story was the big, nervwracking, game. During the first part of the game it was tied 0-0. As the game caried on the Lakeview Vikings pulled ahead 4-3. In the final inning Tom offerd to pitch beacause Maria was hurt. When it was the Wildcats turn to bat with one out to go the Vikings purposely walked Maria so the bases were loaded. When it was Ton's turn to bat he hit a pop fly the Viking's catcher, pitcher ,and their third basemen ran to catch it. As the ball was in the air the wind caught it and the ball drifted to the shortstop. The Wildcat's players ran home from their bases and the game was over. The Wildcats had won the big game.

My Hero

My hero would have to be my dad. I chose my dad because whenever I forget something he  brings it to me. For example one day I forgot my white kneepads for volleyball practice at the huge Pipestone Area gym. Also because he is there for me when whether it's help on my dreadful homework or just an every day life problem ,and that is some of the reasons my dad is my hero.


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