Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Here is very known cause South america takes up a lot of the world map just like Unites States of America or china and japan, Its also known cause of the places such as Buenos Aires in it. Buenos Aires is a very popular place becuase of its culture arts and tradition also. What I mean by culture and arts is its culture they do lots of Drinking drinks and eating different kinds of food like sea food.

Delicious treats to eat in Buenos Aires.

shocking culture and art

Buenos Aires is known for street art. You can easily find food marts with traditional foods. The people wear clothes of all types for the weather such as hot or cold days like us in America. Many NFL players were from buenos aires such as Martin gramatica.

CREDIT: http://bit.ly/11pSRu0

Street art

In A lot of country's people hurry in dark ally's to spray paint, but in Buenos Aires nope!

In Buenos aires your allowed to spray paint and do "Graffiti" they Just need to find a clear wall/space and a welcoming area to do it. Well known artist go their to do public art work such as "Blu" from Italy and Jeff Aerosol from France. They can also paint on buildings with a owners OK.

CREDIT FOR INFO: http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/lifestyle/2013/05/07/buenos-aires-becomes-mecca-for-international-street-art/

Read more: http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/lifestyle/2013/05/07/buenos-aires-becomes-mecca-for-international-street-art/#ixzz2VT6JcyKu

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