Miss Teen Illinois USA Sponsorship!

Sponsor Treasure for Miss Teen Illinois USA competition!

About the competition

I will compete to be the next, Miss Teen Illinois of 2013, but I would first of course need some sponsorship money, any donation would be well appreciated, for I am a very grateful young lady. But I must raise 2,000 dollars by November!! Which isn't too far away, did I mention it is tax deductible? But this money does include a lot of things, such as my wardrobe, money to get my hair and nails done, hotel payment, etc. I want this more than anything, not only to make those who love and care about me proud, but I want to do this competition because like every other girl competing, I believe I've got what it takes to win, but this title comes with a duty that I am well aware of, and that duty is to be a pulchritudinous, sophisticated, prestigious, presentable young lady for young girls all over Illinois, and also to compete in the Miss Teen USA competition. Am I ready for all of this? Absolutely! I'm ready for anything that life throws at me, for I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.<3

Treasure Artyce Tripp

My name is Treasure, I'm 16 years of age, & I enjoy my life by making others happy, I'm a generous, warmhearted, emotional girl, with great, big ambitions, & dreams. I serve the one true God, if it wasn't for him I'd be nothing. I love myself, I give great advice, & I'm always a shoulder to cry on. I make a big impact on a lot of lives, & I would love to make an even greater impact on lives by becoming Miss Teen Illinois 2013. Right now life is great, because the gift of life is greatest gift.<3