Ms. Caity and Mrs. Vicki

Last Week at Weekday

Last week we had an awesome time learning about how God made each of us special. We discussed our birthdays and all the ways we get to celebrate. We had an awesome time "baking cakes" and learning our months of the year. We started specials with Mrs. Syndee, Mrs. Britni and Mrs. Marty. But most importantly...we kicked the stomach bug...almost!

We said goodbye to sweet Millie this week. She has left our class and will be staying home with mom from now on. I only had Millie for a few weeks but we will all miss her and her genuine enthusiasm for class and friends. Come back and visit us any time Millie girl!

Next Week at Weekday

Welcome back Mrs. Vicki!!

This week we will conclude our All About Me unit. We will be discussing our 5 senses and our families. Our Question of the Day board will make its triumphant return this week. We will be utilizing the answers to each days questions as part of our circle time routine. Please be sure mark your child's answers each morning.