Don't Worry You're Not Alone

Grey Matter Surge

Its Completely Normal

Have you ever felt like your child might be abnormal or different? If so, then don't worry it's normal for children to have mood swings. It has to do with their little minds surging with grey matter. So the next time you scrutinize your kid just remember you aren't the only parent dealing with this problem and somethings should just be excused.

More In Depth

During most middle school years the process of puberty occurs,during this body and mental state of your children will completely change. These sudden change are caused by a surge of grey matter within the brain. The surge of grey matter can cause children to lose focus within school making them more vulnerable to making bad decisions - bad decisions such as disrespect and not thinking about future plans.

What Actions Should I Take ?

Parents might ask the question what should I do? The answer is pretty basic - talk to your child and make sure he/she is fulfilling all of their life responsibilities. The reason why because a child feels most corrupted during this hormonal fluctuation and a simple conversation can keep them in-tuned with themselves. Even though this solution wouldn't fix the stage it can definitely cope for the life changing mistakes that could happen. Just remember it's most likely bound to happen; why not be prepared for it?