And things related to computers.

This flyer is going to be about computers, computer games, the internet and common things on the internet.

The computer is without doubt the best invention ever.

Computers are simply the best, why? because you can play computer games and watch movies on them. You can also watch adorable kitten and puppy videos on the internet!

Stuff you can do with computers

You can also do other stuff that doesn't matter that much like write stuff for school or work. But really that's just unimportant stuff that no one needs. Kitten and puppy videos are more important. Kitten and puppy videos, life doesn't get better than that huh? Just look at those adorable little pups and kitties!!

The internet is so much better than the real world.

Why is the internet better than the real world? Simply because you can have way more fun there than you ever could out there. Like you can't shoot aliens and monsters in the real world however you can easily do that in computer games and you can find countless games on the internet.

Internet memes are funny

Like the picture over there is a example of a meme, these memes just make my day so much better because they are most of the time pretty hilarious. The internet rules which in turns make computers rule!
Big image
Now this guy over here is playing computer games and he seems to be having so much fun. That's what computer games are all about, having fun!
Big image
There are many different games out there like in this picture the boy is playing a car game. Car games can be fun because you get to drive cars without having a drivers license, It's also a lot safer to drive cars in games.
Big image
In this picture a boy is playing a sports game about hockey. Seems kind of silly since you can just go play it in real life, but it may not be available to everyone so you can just play a virtual game of hockey.

10 words related to computers.

1. Computer games.

2. Youtube.

3. Download.

4. Firewall.

5. Virus.

6. Email.

7. Internet.

8. Websites.

9. Programs.

10. Hacking.

A paragraph about computers.

The computer is one of the most brilliant gifts of science. This device was originally developed by Charles Babbage. Most countries have developed fast due to computerization. Writing a program is essential for a computer. Speed, accuracy, reliability, and integrity are the main characteristics of a computer. Many of the routine activities today at home and in business are done by computers. The computer has proved a friend and servant of science, technology and industry. Most offices, shops, factories and industries use computers. The Internet is a storehouse of information. The computer is boon to all. Telecommunication and satellite imageries are computer based. Computer has made the world a global village today.


Tölvan er ein af mest ljómandi gjöfum vísindana. Þetta tæki var upprunalega þróað af Charle Babbage. Flest lönd hafa þróast hratt út af tölvuvæðingu. Að skrifa forrit er nauðsynlegt fyrir tölvur. Hraði, nákvæmni, áreiðanleiki, og heilleiki eru aðal einkenni tölvu. Mikið af dags venjum og starfsemi í dag heima og í vinnu er gert af tölvum. Tölvan hegut sannað sig sem vin og þjón vísindina, tækni og iðnaðar. Flestar skrifstofur, búðir, verksmiðjur og iðnir nota tölvur. Internetið er geymsla upplýsinga. Tölvan er fengur allra. Fjarskipti og gervitungls myndir eru tölvu byggt. Tölvan hefur gert heiminn að alþjóðlegu þorpi.