What was the change?

Its was a time of great change in Europe. Another revolution in European thought had begun, one that would permanently change how people viewed the physical world. Scholars replaced old assumptions with new theories, they launched a change in European thought that historians call the Scientific Revolution. Combination of discoveries and circumstances led to the Scientific Revolution and helped spread its impact. People started observing nature for themselves, and finding out how the earth worked and how everything else around them effect the world and them, one way or another. The Scientific revolution was a new way of thinking about the natural world. It was based upon careful observation and a willingness to question accepted beliefs.

How did the change impact society at the time?

The change of the scientific revolution impacted society at that time, because people used new materials to see the world and the planets that revolve around the world a different way and to discover new things around them. It also made in impact in society because of the new focus on science led to discoveries that seemed to contradicts the bible. After the change it led to the discovery of several technologies that became incredible helpful to the merchants class. The change also made an impact because the advancement made it far easier for European citizens to buy and sell products.

How is that change evidenced in todays modern society?

The change evidenced in todays modern society is that the new science still leads to discoveries that seem to contradicts the bible. And theirs also several technologies that become incredible helpful to a lot of people, like teachers, students, adults, the government etc. The advancement through out the years ever since the scientific revolution change it has made it far easier for not only European citizens but for everyone around the world. It has been easier for citizens to buy and sell products.