Shipping Container Home

by Julia Jeffrey

Sketches and Bubble Diagrams

These are the very first steps of my design process and helped me brainstorm and get a feel for how my house would turn out.

SketchUp Diagram

This is the basic container structure of my design.

AutoCAD Drawings

Final SketchUp Pictures

Location and Reflection

- If I could choose where to build this home, it would be in the spacious Irish countryside. I visited once when I was younger, and I was peaceful and inviting. Ireland is full of beautiful views and history that I would love to live near. The contrast of this home's modern concept and Irelands historic surroundings would make a nice balance for a living environment.

- I enjoyed the creative freedom that this project gave me. But, figuring out how to maximize space and stay within certain maximum sizes was challenging at times. Also, I was new to using some of the computer programs and they crashed multiple times during my design process, which added difficulties.

Julia Jeffrey

Principals of Architecture and Construction

Period 7