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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

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Last Thursday, was Mrs. Bennett's 103rd birthday! Mrs. Holderman, Mrs. Constantinescu, and Mrs. Sanders, and other staff members and Bennett family visited her for her birthday. She still lives on her own in downtown McKinney. Mrs. Bennett asked so many questions about Bennett Elementary and our students. She was so proud that she had just been to the beauty shop to get her hair done and wanted to put on her Bennett Elementary shirt. We are honored to share in the MISD educational legacy of Mr. and Mrs. Bennett at Bennett Elementary.

Arrival/Dismissal Reminders . . .

There is NO LEFT turn into FRONT CARPOOL in the morning. If you are coming east on Coronado, turn around at the Aquatic Center and join the line. You may only turn left into the parking lot.

There is NO RIGHT turn into back carpool.

There is NO PARKING on Roundhill.

Thanks for everyone's help!!!!!!

Coming Up!

August 29 - Kinder Yellow Day

August 30 - Kinder Green Day; First Fire Drill 8:15AM

August 31 - Kinder Blue Day; Safety Patrol Meeting 7:30AM; Online Registration must be completed for Returning Students using Snapcode received through email

September 3 - No School - Labor Day

September 4 - Kinder Orange Day, Visitors, Volunteers, Lunch guests welcome beginning today

September 5 - Kinder Black Day; Scouting Night 7PM

September 6 - Kinder Purple Day

September 7 - Kinder Pink Day, "Grand" Lunch - grandparents or grand people welcome for lunch! PTO will be selling spiritwear and In/Out tickets; Principal Fundraiser Kickoff 2:15PM

September 8 - Bear Buddy Training

September 11 - Patriot Day; wear Red, White and/or Blue; Patriot Breakfast 7:30AM; Watch DOGS registration closes

September 12 - McKinney Fire Clowns for Kinder-3rd Grade 1PM

September 17 - 21 - MISD College Week

September 18 - Picture Day, Aramark Discovery Day - all students invited to try the two new foods in the cafeteria whether they purchase lunch or not

September 20 - Bear Buddy Meeting - 7:30AM - all NEW TO BENNETT 1st-5th grade students invited

September 25 - Drama Kids begins 3-4PM

September 28 - Friday Live 2:15PM; wear spirit wear or team attire; Parents welcome!

October 18 - Bennett Night at the new stadium

After School Opportunities . . .

Please check

for updated listings of all options.

Mondays beginning 9/25/18, Drama Kids will be offered from 3-4PM.

September Staff Birthdays!!!

5 - Helen O'Connell, STC

13 - Pablo, Custodian

14 - Sara Kingsolver, Art

21 - Natalie White, 5th Grade

27 - Lisa Howard, Learning Commons Assistant

Moments with Mrs. Parks . . .

Manner of the Week

August 27 – Be sure to make eye contact when talking to adults or other students.

MISD Recess Guidelines . . .

Each month, the Specials Team publishes a newsletter . . .

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2018-2019 Specials Schedule . . .

School Supply Packs!

If you still need a school supply pack, please contact PTO Coordinator There are still packs available!

Visitor Safety Procedures

When visiting the school between 8AM-3PM, please state your full name, student's name, and the purpose of visit to campus as well as show your photo ID to the camera prior to entering the building. Thank you for helping us adhere to this district standard. Please also help us by not allowing anyone in the building behind you.
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School Safety . . .

A critical ingredient in the safe school recipe is the uniform classroom response to any incident. Weather events, fires, accidents, intruders and other threats to student safety are scenarios that are planned and trained for by all McKinney ISD schools and District Administration and staff. Historically, schools have taken this scenario-based approach to respond to hazards and threats. Each McKinney ISD classroom is furnished with the Standard Response Protocol poster that provides teachers with readily accessible response procedures and provides information during a crisis event. The attached handout explains Standard Response Protocol that is taught to students, faculty and staff.

Please click the link below to view the Standard Response Protocol parent handout.

A Note Regarding Food Delivery . . .

Due to a variety of safety concerns related to food allergies and campus safety and security, McKinney ISD will no longer allow students to utilize food delivery services at school. This includes services such as Uber Eats, Doordash and direct restaurant delivery. However, parents/guardians will still be permitted to drop food off for their children.

Bennett 2018-2019 Calendar

Parent Feedback . . .

We always welcome your feedback. You are welcome to e-mail, call, or schedule a meeting with Mrs. Holderman and Mrs. Constantinescu. This is also a link to provide feedback, appreciations, compliments, concerns, or suggestions as we continue to ensure we are the BEST school in McKinney.
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Bennett 2018-2019: One Team, One Dream for the Best Year Ever!