Health Care Proffesional

Being A Nurse

How long have you been a Nurse?

Almost 11 years.

What training did you need in order to get where you are, and be successful at what you do?

She received 2 1/2 years prerequisites prior to nursing school, then went through 2 years of nursing school getting her ADN degree. After this she worked 3 years in orientation to the unit and was made a charge nurse. 2 1/2 years later she received her bachelors degree in nursing and is currently in school to get her masters degree in nursing which will take 3 years. Most of her training that she uses is from experience.

Can I do this out of highschool, college, or trade school?

She did inform me that i am able to become a nurse at community college, online, or attend a 4 year college.

How did you first get involved in being a nurse?

She knew from the time she was 5 years old that she wanted to be a nurse, though she started a family sooner than she thought she would she still came to following through with her career goal.

Are there opportunities for advancement?

She says that the opportunities are endless in the medical field, that its possible to go as far as you can think of.

Can you get tuition for reimbursement?

After having a job at a hospital for over a year they offer reimbursement.

What's the most interesting project that youve been involved in while being a nurse?

The most interesting project she was involved in was an organization that handled victims of violence. The listings of violence were shootings, stabbings, and rape.

What is a typical day like in your career?

Her job is working in recovery, which means that she is the one who manages the wake up of a patient from anesthesia, monitoring, vital signs, and watching for critical issues that can arise withing the first hour. The first hour after anesthesia is the most critical. She manages their pain and symptoms such as nausea and vomiting.

How much vacation time do you get in a year?

She earns 8.25 hours a pay period, there are 26 pay periods. The average of payed vacation time a year is 5 weeks.

What is the job outlook for this profession?

There is a huge nursing shortage in the U.S the need grows every year. The nurse to patient ratio is very unbalanced and there will be a big need for nurses. People will always be involved in accidents, natural disasters, illnesses and trauma. It wont ever go away so there will always be a need for nurses.

Do you see yourself still in this job ten years from now?

She says that she loves what she does and wouldn't trade it for anything. Ten years from now she will be 51 years old and most likely training new nurses but she says even at that she will continue to be a nurse for as long as she can.