Disaster At Sea

Oil Spill Distaster! Let's Find The Area of The Disaster!

Area of OIl Spill

The total area of the distaster at Oil Spill B is 252 Miles Squared. It cover a lot of miles! It will take a bunch of weeks or months to clean up!

How I Approched the Problem?

I approached the problem by dividing most of the areas into mostly triangles and rectrangles. We added all the numbers to find the sum or (The number of miles that the gulf is covered in oil).

Pictures of Oil Spill B and Our Math Work.

How bad it was?

The extent of this is distater is pretty bad. I think we should be worried because an oil spill is an oil spill. Any time there is an oil spill it is bad because it affects the enviorement. The extent is not as bad as Oil Spill A. I think that we just have to watch out for the enviorment like animals for example birds.

Was It the Exact Meausrement of the Area affected?

We were acurate. We were about 90 miles off the exact distance. I think something we did wrong was that we did not get every little space on the sheet. Something that we can do better is that we can use more diffrent types of shapes because in result of that we would cover more area (Or Space).

How accurate do I think our polygons compare to the actual spill area?

I think they were accurate because the polygons were pretty straight and the polygons covered 9/10 of the whole sheet, the other half was little shapes that were too short to measure. We expected our answer to be less than the average answer because we couldn't really measure the really little shapes.