the relationship of two countries


Canada is a 3,854,085 sq mi landmass, it's capital being Ottawa, Ontario. Canada has a population of 34,082,00. Its government is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy. Its main ethnic group is European, taking up 75% of its population. It's main religion is Christianity, 74% of Canada's population practicing it's religion.


America is a 3,805,927 sq mi landmass, its capital being Washington, D.C.. America has a population of 318,968,000. Its government is a federal presidential constitutional republic. Its main ethnic groups are White American and Hispanic, taking up 88% of it's population. Its main religion is Christianity, 78% of America's population practicing it.


ECONOMY: Canada and America both have one of the world's largest trading relationships. In 2013, Canada was the United States' second largest supplier of goods imports. It also was also the United States' largest goods export market during that time. This is because Canada is the single largest supplier of energy to the U.S.; Canada is the largest third world holder of oil reserves. Uranium mined in Canada, also benefits the United States economy by fueling U.S. nuclear power plants. They both are meeting the energy and job needs in both countries together. They are growing a stronger and better economy together.

POLITICAL: Security and defense wise, these two countries are standing together. They are addressing threats, crime, and protecting citizens the same way. However, government wise, they have a different way of running things. The laws and was of running things are the same with a few exceptions between the two countries. The only major political diffrence between the U.S. and Canada is the type of government.

SOCIAL: Socially, Canada and the U.S. aren't that different. Although they are both multi-cultural, one of the main cultural influences on these countries are European. Their ethnic group (European or White) takes up most of the population and greatly influences the way the country grows socially. Another realtionship socially is that both the U.S. and Canada share the same major beliefs (Christianity) when it comes to religion.