How have police evolved

Subtopic: The Beginning Of Modern Policing

(''Perhaps the most powerful advocate for a professional police force was Sir Robert Peel, a Minister of Parliament who served as Home Secretary for the United Kingdom in the 1820's. In 1829, Peel established the Metropolitan Police Services in London. With the founding of London's police force, Peel became widely regarded by criminologists and historians alike as the father of modern policing.( Roufa, Timothy. "The History of Modern Policing." N.p., n.d. Web. 27 May 2015'').

Sir Robert Peel was a home secretary at the time in united kingdom from the 1820 to 1829

Peel came up with the metropolitan police services in London. Peel later on was known as the father of modern policing.policing.( Roufa, Timothy)

Commentary #1

I think its cool how Robert peel is known as the father of modern policing after establishing the metropolitan police services in london

Subtopic: The Civil Rights Movement (1960s).

(''policing, such as improvements in police-community relations, emerged slowly from the political and social upheavals surrounding the civil rights movement in the 1960s. Widespread riots and protests against racial injustices brought government attention to sources of racial discrimination and tension, including the police. As visible symbols of political authority, the police were exposed to a great deal of public criticism. Not only were minorities underrepresented in police departments, but studies suggested that the police treated minorities more harshly than white citizens (Walker). In response to this civil unrest, the President's Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice (1967) recommended that the police become more responsive to the challenges of a rapidly changing society.One of the areas that needed the most improvement was the hostile relationship separating the police from minorities, and in particular the police from African Americans. Team policing, tried in the late 1960s and early 1970s, developed from this concern, and was the earliest manifestation of community policing (Rosenbaum). In an attempt to facilitate a closer police community relationship, police operations were restructured according to geographical boundaries (community beats). In addition, line officers were granted greater decision-making authority to help them be more responsive to neighborhood problems. Innovative though it was, staunch opposition from police managers to decentralization severely hampered successful team implementation, and team policing was soon abandoned.'')

Since the civil rights movement police have been improving the slightest , but when the police started threatened minorities more harshly than white citizens. the law in enforcement department from the president was told to let police be up for any challenge.("Police: Community Policing)

Commentary #2

I think Peel is a example on why the police have evolved from when peel was around to now because in the text it said ''Peel is known for laying the framework for what a police force should be comprised of and how a good police officer should conduct himself.''

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