Fourth Grade News

Mrs. Gove's Class

Friday, January 8

Welcome Back!

I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing holiday break. We had a great first week back. We did a lot of review of procedures, expectations, and content from first semester. We also learned about what a Growth Mindset is and how to get one. We learned that we can learn anything, we can train our brains, and we can choose our thoughts when things are challenging.

I want you to know that your kids are doing awesome things. I am truly enjoying working with every single one of them. Over break I looked at our Middle of the Year Benchmark assessments and was so happy with the growth these kids have made since the beginning of the year. I'll be sharing some of this information with you as I analyze the data. To start with, every single student in our class moved up at least one reading level, with some improving multiple levels! (See your child's grade card for this information.) As we focus on having a Growth Mindset the rest of the school year, I cannot wait to see what more we will achieve!

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Congratulations to Korey for being voted by her classmates as our Top Rocker of the month for showing respect!

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Congratulations to Codi, Carina, and Tice for having perfect attendance for the whole first semester!

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Have any old board games laying around?

Do you have any board games that never get played or are missing pieces? We would love to have them! I am looking to repurpose some old board games into games for math stations. We could use any boards or game pieces you don't want. Please do not buy new games for this!

Our attendance the week before break was 89.8%. Our weekly goal is 95.8%. However, we won a class reward for accumulating another 10 days of perfect attendance! Also, the whole building had the highest December attendance in Price Elementary history!

Upcoming Dates

Next Week at a Glance...

  • Writing: We are starting a unit on Informational Writing and will be examining the different text structures that authors use.
  • Foundations & Reading- We will be learning a strategy called close reading, that is helpful when reading challenging texts.
  • Math- We are starting Chapter 6, which is over long division. This is a challenging chapter so we'll be going slow.
  • Content-We will be learning about how Missouri because a state. Did you know this is when the rivalry between Mizzou and KU started?