Knight Notes

April 18, 2016

Happy Monday!

Good morning---

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

EOCs are in full tilt. Juniors take ACTs this week as well. I am sure our students will do great.

Thanks for all that you do to support our students and to ensure that they perform at their best.

Have a wonderful week!



If you are a 2nd floor teacher, please review your 4/19 Room Schedule Monday. Thank you!


  • Congratulations to all our Support Staff Member of the Year nominees! Sixty-three nomination forms were submitted—wow! Here are the names of our deserving nominees: Amy Hoffman, Angela Lawson, Arlene Kearns, Barry Morrison, Ben Ra

    Bob Gruettemeyer, Brian Schene, Brooke Magilligan, Cara McHaffie, Carolyn Henke

    Cheryl Lombardo, Cindy McDaniels, Colleen Songer, Connie Robertson, Debb McDonald, Donna Vehige, Jerilynn Riley,Marilyn Jarvis, Marlene Wilcoxen,Mary Rascher, Matt Everett, Nancy Haupt, Nancy Richardson, Patti Balch. RaeAnn Noah

    Rita Brannan, Sandy Kuhl, Shelly Zak, Tom Skinner, and Zita Lloyd.

    Thank you to these amazing individuals for what they do every day. The seven finalists will be announced sometime next week. Look for a ballot in your mailbox!

  • Congratulations to our students who attended the 4.0 luncheon. Great work over the course of four years.

  • Congratulations to StuCo on raising over $4,000 for charity through Mr. FHN.

  • Congratulations to FHNToday for winning a Pacemaker for online content. Way to go!

  • Congratulations on wonderful health presentations on peril of drugs.

  • Congratulations to Jose Alega for making the All-district Scholar Bowl Team.
  • Congratulations to Trevor Locke who took a position at FHHS for the rest of the school year; he will be teaching PE.

5 Quick Facts

Sarah Arciszewski-Special Education

1. This is my 8th year at FHN.

2. I had my first baby this year. His name is Mason and he is 3 months old. He is such a happy baby! We also have a 7 year old Westie name Tinkerbell.

3. I will be married to my husband (Kyle) for 5 years this June.

4. I enjoy investigating paranormal locations. I have investigated Pere Marquette Lodge in Grafton, Illinois, Missouri State Penitentiary in Jefferson City, and Lemp Mansion in St. Louis.

5. I have tried out for The Voice and American Idol.

Beth Roberts is up next.

District Information

The LEAP program is accepting applications for the 2016-17 school year. This two-year program for aspiring administrators provides certified staff members an opportunity to grow their capacity in managerial and instructional leadership. To review the prerequisites and application process, please click here. Participants will complete an online application and provide building administrators with a paper recommendation form. All application materials must be received by Dr. Connie Buckman by May 1. Please contact Dr. Buckman with questions.



Tools for your Toolbox:

Lecture T-Chart:

Useful in allowing students to review their notes and sum them up on the right hand side of the T-chart.

How it Works:

· During presentation, students take notes in the left-hand column.

· Stop at sever pause points to allow students to read over their notes and sum them up in the right-hand column

· Allow time for pair-sharing summaries and recording questions on index cards or in a Chalkboard Splash

· Allow time to answer any questions that students have.


KNIGHTS @ 90: The latest attendance update indicated that FHN has 89.9% of students attending 90% of the time. This is awesome! We are so close to reaching our goal of 90/90. Please help in continuing to encourage ALL students to be here every day the rest of the way. This is a critical time for attendance as we prepare for finals. Thank you.


If you are a 2nd floor teacher, please review your 4/19 Room Schedule Monday. Thanks


Climate: Climate Committee met last Monday. We discussed both the parent and staff climate data. We will be sharing staff climate data with PLOT and DCs in the coming weeks. Climate Committee will also be hosting a staff outing to cheer on our FHN Knights baseball team soon. Stay tuned for details!

EOC and ACT Testing Window

4/11- 4/19 ELA, Alg 2, and Gov

4/19 ACT

4/25- 5/3 Alg 1 and Bio


Tuesday, April 19th, 7:30am


Tech Committee Meeting

Thursday, April 21st, 12:30pm

Main Office


Thursday, April 21st, 2:30-3:30pm

Learning Commons

PD Committee Meeting

Tuesday, April 26th, 2:30pm

Learning Commons

PLC Leader Training

Thursday, April 28th, 2:30pm

Learning Commons