Ridgeview Review

Week 12 ~ November 17, 2014

Read the cactus quote. I love it! ! We certainly have been given a cactus with the digital dip in Keller ISD. However, you guys have refused to sit on it! Thank for adjusting and being flexible! You have shown creativity in going "old school" and creating "work arounds" so that the students' learning does not miss a beat.

This Week at RES...


Data Talks - large conference room


Fall picture retakes


Becky off campus at Principal's Meeting

Fire Drill at 1:40


Becky off campus at Collaboration Training

Thanksgiving Meal in cafeteria

Grade Level Chair Meeting - 3:30, large conference room

1st Grade Musical Performance - 6:00, cafeteria


Character Assembly and 1st grade music performance - 8:45, cafeteria

Early release - 12:00

Remainder of day for Team Planning/Teacher Work Time