Doll Bones

Black, Holly

Tori Roudebush




Poppy has tomato red hair and freckles. She plays action figures with Zach and Alice. she is twelve years old. Her older brothers and sister are known as the hoodlums in town, but she's nothing like them. Poppy loves to be in control. When she gets mad her neck gets blotchy red.


Zach is a 12 year old boy who plays action figures, with his two best friends Poppy and Alice. He also plays basketball. Zach has black hair. He's afraid that people with find out he plays with action figures, and he will get made fun of.


Alice lives with her grandmother. She has long dark hair. She too plays with action figures with Poppy and Zach. She is very soft spoken. She likes Zach. Alice is also 12.


The book I read has two different settings. one takes place in Western, PA at home with three friends playing. The other setting was at a cemetery in East Liverpool, Ohio.


Poppy, Zach, and Alice are best friends, they play action figures together too. Zach's dad took his bag of action figures and threw then away. when Zach came home he was furious. he told poppy and alice that he couldn't play anymore. the girls thought Zach was changing into one of the "guys". when they played their game they had a queen, she was very old.

Poppy wrote Zach a note and told him it was about the queen and to meet her after school. Zach ignored the note. He awoke to later that night to a tapping sound on his window. He got up and looked there were two figures, then he realized it was Poppy and Alice. Poppy told him to come outside it was important. Zach came outside, and Poppy led Zach and Alice to an old shed. Poppy took the doll out of her bag, she had found out the porcelain she was made of was real bone. Zach didn't believe her. But then... She pulled off the dolls head. There was a sack of ashes in it. Poppy said the doll needed to be buried with her family.

They slept in the woods that night. When Zach awoke the camp was trashed and the doll was right above his head. They got up and went to get food. After they finished eating they needed to find a way to East Liverpool. There was a marina, and they stopped at it. They found a tiny sail boat. They all hopped in and sailed to East Liverpool. When they got there it was late. So they snuck into a library and fell asleep. Poppy had the doll in her lap all the time, when she woke up it was gone. The librarian found the children and made them call their parents. The kids went frantically searching for the doll so they could finish the quest before their parents came. They made it to the cemetery and searched for the grave, but couldn't find it. They took a break and Zach was sitting on top of the grave. They buried their queen.Their parents got there shortly after.

Information About The Award

This book won a Newbery award. It was established on June 22, 1921 at the ALA. In 1932 committees felt like they should challenge writers. This number was named after John Newbery. This award has been won by a lot of people. The first award was given in 1922. The book has to be very distinguished to win the award. THIs award is restricted to citizens or residents of the United States. The books have to be written in English. The book has to be in consideration of the presence of a children audience.

Holly Black

Holly Black is the best selling author of contemporary fantasy novels. One of her first books were published in 2002. Black wrote one of the best selling series, The Spiderwick Chronicles. This series was also adapted into a film. Holly lives in Massachusetts with her husband Theo. She also writes anthologies. To date her books have been answered in thirty-two languages. There were three more books that go along with her series. Holly considered being a librarian as a back up career.