Team Writing

Making Meaning

Goals: Collaboration focused on planning lessons that move beyond CC expectations

  • Using modeling to enrich students' writing skills in prewriting, drafting, and revision stages
  • Helping young writers to achieve more authenticity; make meaning
  • Motivating young writers with choice within a rigorous curriculum
  • Help students recognize the importance of purpose and audience
  • Assess writing in ways that drive better writing performance

The Plan

1. Volunteers for Team Reading

2. 6 ED Hours this summer:

  • 3 Hours for reading & annotating the book
  • 3 Hour meeting: Pick a date in the summer and we meet to discuss our books and make a plan for PD focused on topic.

3. 15-16 school year: PD time focused on collaboration, creation of materials, and lesson planning to meet goals.

=Homegrown meaningful PD