Professional lawyer career

By: Lizbeth Galvan


What it takes to be a lawyer is that the lawyers need to go to a law school and finish the career. So to be a successful lawyer that everyone would admire that they will be impress by watching how they do a well job in defending people to have justice to our country.To be very loyal and accomplish by being to do our work and do a better job than others.They also need to know about how to read and give a speech to other people by having the right to give a speech without shyness when their in college and have skills to.We need to have a degree.

Job Description

To be an immigration lawyer we need to go to law school and have a degree to have an opportunity to advance to another level at the job. The bilingual people have more opportunities to have a better job and have more advantages.They will also have a better position in legal aid organization.They also helped the ones that have a case on a big problem.The immigration lawyers can also defend and be with their clients in court.So they can explain the process of the case and legal information that they need to know.


If you want an employment of immigration attorney lawyer they will pay you a salary approximately over 100,000 dollars.If you have a good certificate from a good school you can approximately pay you from $46,685 to $80,000.If you have more experience you can earn more money than with a good certificate.If you are an immigration lawyer geographical location you earn more money and will be the highest salary from $81,389 to $147,093.