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Crazy, Sexy & Deadly

ISBN: 978-0692484227


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Crazy, Sexy and Deadly is a compilation of some of Kisha Green's most popular short stories. Take a journey to a place of mental seduction, love, betrayal, deceit with the perfect splash of erotica to entice the reader's palate. All women have a beast within but only with the right chemistry can one bring one of the three out; the crazy, the sexy or the deadly...

#BooksAreABusiness- Self Publishing Made Easy

ISBN: 978-0692682425


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#BooksAreABusiness is a guide is for every writer who has typed THE END and freaked out because they did not know what to do afterwards. This easy to use manual/workbook is for everyone that we have encountered who have expressed their desire to self-publish but didn’t know how or where to begin. We know that it can be very overwhelming and you may be hesitant for whatever reason to publish your story. No worries because we have both been there and know your pain all too well. We believe in you and that’s why this guide is for you.

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