McDaniel Memo

Friday, September 19th


We had a great afternoon jogging on Wednesday. Our class did a total of 331 laps, which equals about 82.75 miles. Way to go!!!



This week we talked about autobiographies and biographies. Next week we will work on character traits. Students today are bringing home a form to interview a family member so they can write their own biography. It would be great to interview a grandparent or great-grandparent, or neighbor who is older to gather lots of interesting facts. Please have them return the form on Monday and we will do the rest at school.


We are working verbs. We discussed the difference between an action, helping, and linking verb. Next week we will look at the different verb tenses.


We are working on our first published piece, a true small moment fall memory. these will be on the bulletin board during conferences for you to enjoy.


We continue to work on number stories this week.

Next week we will begin ball park estimations when adding and subtracting. Our Chapter 2 test looks like it will be on September 30th. We will review on Monday the 29th. Please continue to work on math addition and subtraction facts at home.


We have collected facts on our animals appearance, habitat and diet. Please be on the lookout for life-cycle facts and survival/adaptation facts.

The class began setting up their power point on Google Docs. They will be able to access this from home to insert pictures. I will be sending guidelines for this soon if students want to work on it at home. They should know their login and password for Google Docs.

We will also begin some binder pages here at school in the next week.

Remember if you have not brought in your $5.oo for binder/board, please do so soon.

Dates to Remember


Wednesday the 24th- Anti Bully lesson with Mrs. Cox at 2:20

Monday the 29th- Children's Book Illustrator convo at 10:10

Our specials for Monday the 29th and Tuesday the 30th will be

swapped to make the gym available for the guest speaker.

Monday the 29th- STEM

Tuesday the 30 Library

You can visit Julie Olson's web page at the link below.


Tuesday the 14th - Mom's Muffins