Re-Inventing Internal Combustion Engines Applying Gear Technology

With dwindling fossil fuel reserves and rising environmental degradation and climate alter there has been frantic redoubling of mankind's efforts aimed at redesigning reciprocal-piston combustion engines in order to improve efficiency and lower the volume of pollutants emitted into the atmosphere, an aftermath from the burning of fossil fuels within the engines' inner chamber.

Improvements of internal combustion engineS (ICEs) have already been produced in the following locations:

* fuel injection mechanism
* use of extra combustive fuel mixtures and additives
* use of turbocharging technologies
* oppose piston technolog
* use of catalytic converters

Conventonal internal combustion engines are machines which burn a mixture of fossil fuels in the combustion chamber to produde higher temperature and pressure that induces reciprocal motion in pistons and propulsion of automobiles or movement of mechanical devices.

In most internal ICEs intermittent combustion procedure and consequent reciprocal motion of pistons is transformed into rotatonal motion by a crankshaft.

Different sorts of ICEs happen to be produced to raise overall performance and efficiency from the machines. These engines have already been utilised for mobile propulsion in cars, aircraft, watercraft and transportable machinery to carry out function.

However emission of greenhouse gases as well as the consequential effects of air pollution, elevated respiratory tract illnesses in humans, global warming and climate transform have offered impetus for the must re-invent ICEs. Other motives for ICE reinvention involve the have to have for high energy to weight ratio. The oppose piston ICE has also generated renewed interest in its ability to conserve fuel consumption per function completed by fifty %. This method results in a further reduction of emitted pollutants by fifty percent.

It truly is apparent to any adept or laity within the automotive business that the widespread denominator in all these spark-ignition, piston, crankshaft, cam, venturi-de laval compression, combustion and emission TunersDepot is often a mechanical train comprising of linearly arranged reciprocal piston-crankshaft embodiments. These versatile styles happen to be out there for decades.

An African invention has style a brand new layout for internal combustion engines which allows radial arrangement of pistons rather the conventional linear arrangement. This new technology nevertheless accommodates distinctive strokes and cooling systems. This gear based crankshaft substitute can transform reciprocal motion into rotational motion with no the rigor of complex metallurgyghts along with the use of counterweight which are expected when crankshafts are manufactured. Architectural configuration of this new crown gear technology permits the creation of hybrid engines.

Of significance is definitely the possibility of reinventing Ecomottors' OPOC engine's linearly arranged pistons into radial arrangement that would make the engine a lot more compact, lightweight and obtaining smoother hugely efficient motion transformation mechanisms.

In a capital intensive and highly competitive automotive industry, the invention of an essential device by an African scientist would surely begin having a whimper and no 'big bang'. The author of this short article is as a result making use of this forum to inform all stakeholders within the automotive business that its time to invest and fast-track the new crown gear technology that would replace crankshaft in all existing standard ICEs utilizing cam or crank technologies. An utility patent number GM/P/2012/00003 dated 10th October 2012 has been issued to the African inventor by the Gambia Intellectual Property Workplace. Kindly give the inventor a much deserved lift into limelight by supplying grants to develop, manufacture and industry this technology!