Local News Update

Julia Hess, 12/31/60, The Community

Ceremony of Twelve

On December 31, 2060, The Community celebrated an important event. Held at the Auditorium, the annual Ceremony of Twelve took place after the crucial, but less exciting Ceremonies, including The Naming. After much anticipation, the anxious Twelves were called to stage, (in numerical order), and then given their Assignments. Assignments, as all Community members know, is the duty you are to perform for the rest of your time in the Community before becoming an Old. The Committee of Elders have spent many years observing these Twelves, and have been meticulous in their selection of Assignments. As the Chief Elder stated when explaining the unusual Assignment of one Twelve, (more on that later), “We have observed him meticulously…”. This proves just how hard this accomplished team works year round. Until Assignments were given, things had been going as they always do; organized, orderly, and calmly. Until number nineteen, Jonas, did not receive his Assignment, but was rather skipped.

A Special Assignment

A Special Assignment It is a rarity for a member of the Committee of Elders to miscalculate something, and unheard of for the Chief Elder to make a mistake in a Ceremony as important as the Ceremony of Twelve. That is why the attendants of The Ceremony, family units and citizens, were flustered and muddled when Jonas was so clearly skipped and not given his Assignment like his peers. Audience members later reported that Jonas looked equally unsure of the situation. After every Twelve was given the duty that would determine their fate, the Chief Elder put the crowd at ease. “Jonas has not been assigned,” she informed the crowd and the young man, “Jonas has been selected“ This caused bafflement among everyone present, with the exception of the Committee of Elders. The Chief further explained that Jonas had carefully selected to take on the honored role of Receiver of Memory. This role is very rare, as a new Receiver is only chosen every once in a great while, once the former Receiver has fulfilled his or her duties and ready to retire. It has not been specified what the selection means yet, or what duties come with it. The job remains a mystery to all but the current Receiver, and soon, Jonas.

Why Jonas?

The Chief Elder disclosed the reasoning behind the selection to the audience. She stated, “He has shown all of the qualities that a Receiver must have”. These qualities include intelligence, integrity, courage, wisdom, and a final trait beyond comprehension. “...the current Receiver of Memory has told us that Jonas already has this quality. He calls it the Capacity to See Beyond”, she said. This is a trait that no one with the exception of Jonas and the current Receiver can comprehend. When questioned later, audience members who wish to remain anonymous predicted that this may have something to do with the boy’s unusual light colored eyes. A member of the Committee of Elders shares this trait, estimated to be the Receiver. More information about the job to come. After the Ceremony, Jonas was seen riding his bicycle home with a fellow male Twelve, seemingly calmly. We may never know what is in store for young Jonas.