French vs. U.S.A

Differences in the school system.


If you are late to school in France you must go to the principal's office and explain why you are late. Parents must sign to show they are ware of their child's actions. In the U.S.A if your late you just get a note and go to class. Parents are not aware unless you are absent, or this becomes a regularity.


In America during lunch you go to the lunch line and choose from 2-3 different choices. Their is only one main dish. In France you are served a first course, and a main dish. You have the option to go to the lunch line or be served at your table. Lunch in France also last about two hours which is significantly longer than the 25 minutes we get here in the U.S. Students can play games, study, or even go home during this time.

Report Card

Report Cards are given out three times during the school year. December, before Easter break, and at the end of the school year. Everything is a graded assignment.