Maze Hedges

By Allen De Sagun and Deepika Buddana


Around the start of Lesson 30, there was a story about Maze Hedges. Maze Hedges were made for mainly amusement, entertainment, and as a possible tourist attraction. They are easy to get lost in, and hard to find in the United States of America. So, I came here to wonder...

'What other forms of shapes do people make these Maze Hedges?'

What forms do Maze Hedges come in?

Normally, people make forms of the Maze Hedges as a rectangular form, or a square shape, almost like those Maze Maps you select on a piece of people. Somethings like making a 'Star' or a 'Flower' is a tough challenge. Unlike a printed copy of a piece of paper, this takes more knowledge about how these are made, and their qualities of plants and such.

I have found out that there is one called 'Snakes n' Ladders,' where the creator of the snake has planted multiple trees into a snake formation. According to the article, it took about 1.5 years to create this masterpiece.

Just some cool Maze Hedges

This is a Button to some cool Maze Hedges!

Go ahead, you know you want to click it and see these cool things. Why are you still reading this? Click it! Click it! You've made it this far, just click it already! Please? For me? I want you to click the button. Pretty please? No? Okay, bye! D: