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M.S.A.N. Visits Playhouse Square


In this innovative lyrical drama written by Dominique Morisseau and directed by Steve H. Broadnax III, Nya a devoted inner-city school teacher sends her own son, Omari, to private school. But when a teacher's questions push a button, Omari pushes back. A brawl arises, and Nya’s plans for Omari’s future begin to untangle. Pipeline is a fascinating, must-see portrait of the systemic school-to-prison pipeline and the experience of being a parent to a young black man in America.

-Jayla Putman

What's T?

6 video games to play this winter break!

1.NBA2k20 - I'm playing this game because you can go online and play with created players and play against people in the region and play with friends. Also, you can play with real NBA teams in My-career and Play-now modes.

2. Fortnite - You can play with people on all platforms to connect with friends and get solo duo or squad victory royals. Fortnite also has an item shop where you can buy skins, pickaxes, 'backblings', and emotes.

3.Minecraft - Is the most viewed video game in the world with over 400 Billion views and you can build in your own world with friends or play online with friends.

4 Call Of Duty - Modern Warfare Is a fun game with multiple game modes where you can play with friends random people or even people in your house.

5. Madden NFL 20- This is an online and offline football game where you can go against random people or friends online or even play offline and play with your family with real NFL teams.

6. Brawl Stars- This is an iOS game and Android game Brawl Stars is a premium mobile video game developed and published by Super-cell. It's a P-v-P online game with different characters that you can upgrade and change clothes of your player

-Aamir Patterson

Burning Questions...

We all have those questions that we want to know about our friends to stay hip and fresh. Here are a few of the questions asked by your brothers and sisters here at Monticello Middle School!

What are the current TV shows students are talking about in the halls of Monticello, as told by the 7th graders?

Amazing word of Gumball, Black-ish, Criminal Minds, Law and Order, Raising Dion and Stranger Things.

Mr. Willis can you speak Spanish, for real?

-I hope so ;)

In The Know

You know those green pieces of paper with Dr. J's face on them? Monti Money? Yeah, did you know you could buy things during tiger time with them? No...Well let The Grapevine enlighten you!

For the amazing price of 1 Monti Money dollar you can purchase the following:



For the amazing price of 2 Monti Money dollars you can purchase the following:






M & M's!!





For the amazing price of 3 Monti Money dollars you can purchase the following:


All things sports.

Congrats to the 7th grade and 8th volleyball teams! The young ladies finished out their seasons strong.

Acknowledgments for all of the young ladies on the 2019-2020 Volleyball 7th and 8th grade teams!

The snow is here and that also means that basketball season is here. They put the Mont in Monticello cause they are on the top of their game!

The 8th grade boys are also doing their "thang on da court!"

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