Solar Energy

By: Marlenii P. , Kevin D.

Natural Resource Formed

Solar energy forms through photovoltaic cell that convert sunlight into electricity.

Is it renewable or a non renewable?

It is a RENEWABLE energy while electricity made using coal , natural gas or oil is electricity no renewable.


How is this natural resources used?

Solar power is captured when energy from the sun is converted into electricity or used to heat air,water or other fluids.

What are the advantages of using this?

The amount of solar energy that the earth receives each day is many times greater than the total amount of energy consumad around the world.

What are some ways to use Solar Energy?

You can buy systems to heat your water , provide electricity and even offload your home heating system

What are some DISADVANTAGE of using this?

Solar energy is an inexhaustible source of the energy during winter solar collectors can not produce more energy then the home using while summers solar.

We're is Solar resource found most abundantly?

Generating electricity providing light or a comfortable interior environment and heating water for domestic commercial or industrial-yes.

What is Solar energy harmful effects to the Earth during this process ?

The Solar panel will increase the Earth temperature
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