11/13/2020 ~ Superintendent's Newsletter ~ 12th Ed.


"Valor is stability, not of legs and arms, but of courage and the soul."

~ Michel de Montaigne


Honoring our BISD Veterans

Take a moment to thank our BISD Veterans for their service, sacrifice, dedication and loyalty in serving our country in the Armed Forces!!

As one of them said, "The mission continues, just a different location"!

I am proud to know them and thankful their mission is at Bonham ISD as a Purple Warrior now.


The Kind of Co-Workers We All Need

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I don't know about you, but this is who I want in my corner.....I am talking about the girl in the background, jumping up and cheering for the homecoming queen winner!!

I love her ability to celebrate another's success genuinely. Mentally healthy people help others to straighten their crowns. They don't limit others' greatness because they are strong in their own greatness.

Not only is she filling her own cup; she is also filling her friend's cup and the cups of all who see it.

I challenge each of you to find a way to be this girl - jumping up and cheering on your co-workers each and every chance you get.



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Yesterday each central office staff member was given a scratch-off ticket for Thankful Thursday.

Some staff members won the ability to wear jeans or a t-shirt, others won Sonic drinks and some won lunch from a local restaurant.



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Top 10 Strategies to Use in Your Classroom

A teaching strategy is the method you use to convey information to your students. There may be a particular strategy that works well with your group of students one year that won’t work with your students the next year. Because of this, it’s important to have lots of teaching strategies in your toolbox. Each week I will focus on two strategies that might be new to you or one you have forgotten about.


Present your students with at least three higher-order-thinking (“HOT”) questions during the lesson. This is proof that you are presenting all your students with challenging work.

The rationale behind them is we want to give the kids an opportunity to be challenged in the classroom. The way the teacher presents these questions varies, and students' responses can be indicative of their learning pace. The same question should be used for all students, but advanced learners may be required to respond in a different way. Students can respond on paper, as part of a classroom discussion, in paired discussion, or through homework.


Your entire lesson should be student centered. The ways that we instruct our students must demonstrate that they are our focus and that what we do is centered on their success. The use of technology as a tool is a critical component of this. It provides students with 21st-century skills that are both engaging and relevant to real-world applications. It is a partnership: If you effectively and successfully plan, your students will effectively and successfully work and learn.

Take a step away from the learning process to become facilitators rather than "givers of all knowledge" in the classroom.


COVID Reminders

  • TEA has changed the definition of 'close contact' to be in alignment with the updated CDC definition of close contact.

    The guidance now indicates we define close contact as being directly exposed to infectious secretions from a test confirmed individual OR being within 6 feet of a test confirmed individual for 15 minutes throughout the course of a day.

    It has changed from "a largely uninterrupted or sustained extended contact period throughout the course of a day of approximately 15 minutes".

    Of course, both parties wearing a face-covering properly can be a mitigating factor when determining close contact - - so continue wearing your face covering as we approach the holiday season!!


Free COVID Testing Info

Grayson College is now a COVID-19 testing site. The tests are FREE for those without insurance, and there will be no co-pay for those with insurance.

Visit gogettested.com and select Grayson College as the location to schedule a test. The mobile testing center is located in the parking lot on the Grayson College Denison campus next to the baseball field (under the Water Tower).

The turnaround time is 24-36 hours after the test is administered, and the notification of results once completed is nearly instantaneously sent to the test subject via an app.


What is Going on Next Week??

Sat. Nov. 14 – CoCo Best Robotics Competition @ 9:00; it will be streamed on FaceBook

Mon. Nov. 16 – Board Meeting @ Central Office – 6:00PM

Tues. Nov. 17 – BHS B BB @ Home – 5:00

Tues. Nov. 17 – BHS G BB @ Bland – 5:00

Thur. Nov. 19 – LHR B BB @ Leonard – 4:30

Thur. Nov. 19 – LHR G BB @ Home – 4:30

Fri. Nov. 20 – BHS G BB @ S&S – 4:30

Fri. Nov. 20 BHS B BB @ S&S – 5:45

Sat. Nov. 21 – BHS G BB @ Home – 10:00
Sat. Nov. 21 – LHR B BB @ Home – 10:30


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