Garrett Morgan

By: Chloe Cassetta

Background Information

Garrett Morgan was born on March 4, 1877, in Paris, Kentucky. One of his hobbies were sewing. One of his other jobs is to sew and repair sewing machines. Garrett's first wife was Madge Nelson. He got a divorce and got remarried to Mary Hasek. Garrett had three sons. Unfortunately, Garrett died in the year of 1963.

Important Inventions and other Accomplishments

Garrett Morgan started inventing in 1912. One of his famous inventions is the gas mask. The gas mask was invented in 1914. Garrett was reading a newspaper and noticed that many people were not surviving during fires. Then he got inspired to make the gas mask. On the gas mask there is a certain type of plastic to keep your eyes safe. The plastic is called mica. Garrett was a inventor that worked alone. Another one of Garrett's inventions is the stop sign. His purpose of making the stop sign is to make the roads safe.
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