Gray Wolf

In Wisconisn


Some gray Wolves have a long bushy tail, but their tails can also be black tipped.

The colors of wolves are gray and brown. Females weigh 60 pounds and males weigh 70 to 145 Pounds.

Gray wolfs national

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A lot of gray wolves prefer to eat large hoofed mammals such as deer and also bison and moose. The animals that go into in a wolf pack territory are the ones that are risk of being killed.

Gray wolfs national

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lot of gray wolfs now live in average Wisconsin county.

Gray wolves Wisconsin

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The Population is between 600-689 and the year to 2012-2013

Gray wolf in Wisconsin

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Some wolves have four to six pups. The pups are usually born in a den like a cave. in birth Some gray wolves are usually pregnant about for 63 days usually up to four to six pups.

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lot of wolves live up to 8-13 years old.

Gray wolfs national

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Wolves are usually social animals so if you come in contact with a wolf and it growls at you.

1. Do not run.

2. Raise your hands arms so you look bigger.

3. Back away slowly

4. Make sound and throw objects at the wolf.

National Geographic | the Lives of gray wolf-History channel - Documentary