CESA 8 From the Field

Key updates both statewide and local

"When teachers stop learning, so do students. When schools stop learning, our students and society as a whole suffer."

-Jim Knight 2011

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Dec 16 - Engineering Design in Science Curriculum


Objectives and Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will have a clear understanding of the differences between scientific inquiry, active learning, and engineering practices.
  • Teachers will experience engineering design principals as they can be applied to their science classrooms.
  • Participants will discover how engaging students in the engineering practices of the NGSS supports the Common Core State Standards in both Mathematics and English/Language Arts.
  • Participants will have collaborative conversations with colleagues from surrounding districts, creating a network of professional contacts that will be useful as a leader in home districts.
  • Teachers will understand how the active learning inherent in engineering design reflects on educator effectiveness through the Danielson Framework.

Jan 21 - Personalized Learning 101 - Personalized Learning!

Participants will gain a knowledge of the concepts and rationale for personalized learning and what is needed for implementation in local schools and classrooms.

We are targeting sustained support for the promise of Personalized Learning!

Dec 18 - Digital Integration Network

Technology can do great things to improvement student engagement and increase productivity, but that’s only if we know how to use the technology. These series of meetings will split time between demonstrating how to use various technologies (participants will help determine areas of interest) and participants sharing their current success stories/strategies.

Jan 9 - Teachscape Reflect - Navigating and Conducting Observations Webinar

  • Using the tool and how to navigate the content fields
  • Understanding the workflow
  • Tips and tricks on areas to use and avoid

Feb 26 - Intervention, Enrichment, and Personalized Learning Fair

The fair will provide an opportunity for participants to view products and talk to representatives about those products in a central location on the same day. This is intended to help districts identify and decide which researched-based interventions will best serve their student populations for below- and above-benchmark interventions as well as developing personalized learning for all students.

Your EE Checklist!

  1. Review teacher or administrator SLO data and progress
  2. Determine if adjustments are necessary
  3. Develop formative feedback for SLOs
  4. Review PPG evidence and artifacts
  5. Develop formative feedback for PPG
  6. Schedule and host mid interval review conference for teachers in summary year
  7. Support action plan for supporting year teachers
  8. Plan for continued evidence/artifact gathering for end of year
  9. Participate in Teachscape or MLP calibration
Bill Gates: Teachers need real feedback