Valentine's Day Exchange Friday

Happy Valentine's Day this Sunday, February 14, 2016

VALENTINE'S Day is coming!

This Friday, February 12, we will exchange compliment cards made in class or store bought valentines are welcome, also. If you choose to prepare them at home please use the following list of students and have your child write their names correctly on the card. We have 16 students participating. Thank you!
  • Hannah B.
  • James C.

  • Ashayla D.
  • Delmorlyn G.
  • Willow J.
  • Jaedin K.
  • Samaria L.
  • La'marcus L.
  • Chandreya L.
  • Ciara M.
  • Dayten M.
  • Riley-Anne P.
  • Taetyn S.
  • Meagan S.
  • Jasmin S.
  • Caitlin Y.
  • Jacob Z.