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Tuesday, May 10 - Special Teacher Appreciation Update Addition

Thank you!!!


What an amazing week we all had last week - and it's thanks to you! The teachers, staff, and I felt truly loved and appreciated with all of the acts of kindness you and your children shared with us. To the parents who donated to the prizes, decorations, and everything - what a wonderful gift it was to give something special to each teacher; we greatly appreciated each token, small or large! And to the parents who were able to assist during the week, thank you for your smiling faces, helping hands, and words of thanks, thank you for helping us feel special. And a final thank you to Ms. Purvis, our parent volunteer who coordinated the entire event. This couldn't have happened without your leadership. I believe we had the best teacher appreciation week these teachers have ever seen, and was the best in Jax!

With Sincere Gratitude,

Ashley Doty


Duval Charter School at Southside

Take a look at just some of the picture from the week!