Food Enters Eritreans' Lives!(FEEL)

Run by Matthew Nieva

Eritrea's Problem

Eritrea is a very poor country in Africa. In Eritrea, 50% of people don't get enough food and cannot support their family. There are 6.5 million people living in Eritrea, so about 3.25 million people don't have enough food. Eritreans don't get enough food because the war with Ethiopia left Eritrea in ruins. According to the Central Intelligence Agency, the Eritrean Ethiopian war caused food production to reduce 62%. The government is also not handling the problem efficiently, so the rate of people in poverty is not going down.

Why is this a problem?

This is a problem because as Eritreans don't get enough food, many will die each day without anyone trying to stop it. Without anyone trying to fix this problem, poverty rates will spiral out of control and it will be irreversible. But, there is still time to fix this.

The Solution

It might be hard to supply food for everyone but my food drive would help the people in poverty. Hunger is a major problem in Eritrea and there has to be some way to control it. To help contribute to solve this problem, I am starting a food drive called Food Enters Eritreans' Lives! (FEEL). Open up your heart and FEEL!

Ways To help with F.E.E.L!

How would this work?

FEEL is an organization that would work because through food and money donations, we can distribute food in Eritrea in our FEEL headquarters. Food donations are given to random families in Eritrea. Volunteers would help package small boxes to give to families. Through cash donations, you would fund the cost to send the care packages to Eritrea. Come and help out!

Why Do I want to help?

I want to help Eritreans because my mom told me how hard living a life of poverty is. She had 5 siblings in her house in the Philippines and she told me that everyday, she only had 1/3 of an egg for breakfast! And since they were so poor, they only got new clothes and shoes once a year! This made me realize that it's rough living a life of poverty. I was moved by her stories and wanted to help the poor people in Eritrea. Hopefully, after using the care packages they will be able to save enough money to buy things they want, not just the things they need.

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