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November 8, 2013

Assessment Updates:

What did we learn about assessments at the KSDE conference? Basically, that there is a lot of work to be done.


Currently, KSDE and CETE are in a legal hold up over student data user agreements, and no current students will be uploaded from KIDS into testing programs (KITE) until this is resolved. They are working on a solution and hope to have it resolved soon. I will let you know as soon as students are uploaded for formative practice.

I did just receive this notice, so maybe things are moving forward??

All KSDE web applications will be unavailable from Noon Friday, November 8th, until 7:00 AM Monday, November 11th.

Testing Window Dates:

The testing window for this year's assessment will be March 10-May 2nd for ELA, Math, and Science. The only exception will be for those students taking the alternate Science and DLM according to their IEP.

Important Changes:

*Instructions and video modules will be coming soon to the NEW Kansas assessment page. The link is: and will replace the old cete website.

*Math and ELA will each be given in 2 parts this year.

*Tests will be available on the iPad this year.

*Because this is a transitional, one time assessment, it is built to be scored by only machines. There are some interactive and technology enhanced elements to it, but the extended performance response items that would require a separate grader, have not been implemented for this year only.


Big Change! No human readers will be used for assessments this year. If there is a student who needs a test or portion of the test read to them due to accommodations, there will be a text to speech option available for them. This can allow them to stay in the classroom setting for the test with headphones, unless a separate setting is also specified for other reasons. Accommodations manuals are available at

We will be sending forms for teachers to document accommodations soon. Remember for an accommodation to be used on the assessment, it must be used regularly in the classroom. The link to view a pdf of tools and accommodations that are currently available is:

New Browser for testing and Educator Portal:

All tests except for the Science Portfolio (Alternate Assessment) will go through the new KITE browser. The link for the educator portal of KITE is: This is where you will create formative and practice tests for your students.

If you had an account previously, your user name will be your email address and your old password should work, if it does not, you can click the forgot password link and they will email you a reset. You may want to bookmark this for future reference, but right now, there are no students and no formatives available on the site due to the issues stated in #1. I will update you as soon as the ksde/cete issues are resolved regarding student data. New teachers, we will be getting your accounts set up soon.

In this new browser, students will not need tickets and codes for PRACTICE formatives. All formatives set up for each student by the teacher will show once they log in with a single username and password. The only ticket needed to be printed will be for the SUMMATIVE (new name for the formal assessments). This will show a user friendly code that will also have to be typed in along with username and password.

Why Test??

No student scores will be banked from this years assessment, meaning that they do not count. These assessments are basically no risk and for student/teacher participation experience. We are mandated to give some form of assessment by the federal government. CETE also needs participation in these assessments to measure test validity and develop cut scores.

Scoring and Results:

Individual scores will be used to categorize students into 1 of 4 assessment levels. These levels have not been given a name yet. This is in contrast to the 5 levels of the old assessments: Exemplary, Proficient, etc. It is my understanding there will be something similar to Unsatisfactory, Approaching Standards, Meets Standards and Exceeds where the top two levels from the old system are combined into one group that exceeds the basic standard expectations.

Parents will receive a report giving very limited information about their student performance in a letter this summer. Schools will receive more detailed information as far as grade reports and breakdown of claims, but not as extensive as in years past. These will also come in late summer. The only feedback that will be given immediately following the assessments is # correct.

If you have any questions, please ask. Many things are still a work in progress and most things are about a month behind on the state end of things.

**Please keep in mind that some of the links I have given you may be unavailable until Monday morning!!


NEW State Assessment Site

KITE Teacher Portal

Georgia Common Core Standards Resource

This website was given as a great example of a state who has pulled together resources to allow teachers to adapt to using Common Core lessons. Check these out!!

-gives curriculum map and units already set up.

-Created 10-12 performance tasks that go with units.

-Tasks seem to be aligned with Smarter Balance

Math: once here, choose grade levels on the left side menu

ELA: once here, choose grade levels on the left side menu

Smarter Balance Practice

If you want to have students practice on Common Core interactive questions, Smarter Balance offers some practice tests here:

Leave the log in information as guest and click LogIn

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