Producing Maple Syrup

Facts about the production of Maple Syrup in Canada!

How much Maple Syrup is produced in Canada?

About more than 76% of the world's Maple Syrup is produced in Canada, while most of it (91%) is made in the country's province of Quebec.

Places where Maple Syrup is produced:

Maple Syrup is produced in Ontario, Quebec (primary producer), P.E.I, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.

When does the collection of Maple Sap (for Maple Syrup) start?

Also known as the "sugaring off" season, this event usually happens once a year. It lasts for 6-8 weeks from Mid-February until the month of April.

Is there any training required?

There were some college courses for maple-syrup production, but around 98% of maple syrup producers learned from others who had done it before them.

What is the average wage in the maple syrup producing industry?

In 2013, the average wage of the maple syrup industry was $40.59 per gallon, and it may keep growing, depending on the future of the industry.

The difference between American and Canadian Maple Syrup

Will the future of this job increase, decrease, or disappear altogether?

Based on the climate, we are fortunate enough that the Maple trees, which contain the maple sap that we need in order to make maple syrup, will sustain and continue to grow, so that other maple syrup producers would be able to harvest the sap for use in the near future.